4th Scientific Summit Tobacco Harm Reduction Research & Policy (Online Summit)


The 4th Scientific Summit on Tobacco Harm Reduction: Novel products, Research & Policy will be held virtually on the 29th & 30th September 2021 and is organised by SCOHRE, the newly founded International Association on Smoking Control & Harm Reduction.

SCOHRE, an association of independent experts on Smoking Control & Harm Reduction, scientists from all sectors, (medical doctors, policy experts, behavioural experts, academics, and other professionals), through constructive dialogue, will help to come up with a new broader approach to smoking control policies.

The 4th Scientific Summit―continuing the works of a very successful virtual 3rd Scientific Summit―will work towards attracting top researchers, clinicians, and scientists from diverse fields, from around the world, to contribute to this year’s event.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and the high risk of a second wave contributed to the decision the 3rd Scientific Summit to become virtual, thus enabling the participation of scientists from around the globe. Fifty renowned speakers from 26 countries and 300 attendees from 38 countries worldwide participated online. The 4th Scientific Summit was decided to be held virtually also.

The frequency of alternative tobacco product use (e-cigarettes, Heat-not-Burn products, loose leaf, snus, etc.) among smokers and the association with switch and quit attempts is increasing; the scientific community is debating, in the attempt to explain the benefits and the risks associated with these products.

The objectives of the Summit are to offer opportunities for scientists of different countries to:

  • Present, discuss, and challenge recent data related to the benefits and the risks associated with alternative tobacco product use (e-cigarettes, Heat-not-Burn products, loose leaf, snus, etc.) among smokers and the association with switch and quit attempts.
  • Discuss and debate on scientific, technological, medical, regulatory, legal and policy issues for advancing the technical capacity of the participating countries.
  • Provide an environment where regulatory authorities and policy makers may present to the scientific and medical communities their prospective course of action.

The scientific programme of the Summit will include plenary and keynote lectures, as well as oral and poster presentations. Selected posters will be presented in short oral sessions.

The programme will include the following specific topics:

Toxicology and aerosol chemistry || Biomarkers’ evaluation in animal or human studies || Preclinical evaluation || Epidemiology & Social Issues || Clinical Assessment and Harm Reduction || Public Health || Legal & Regulatory issues || Bioethics || Innovation & Novel Products || Smoking cessation || Educational issues in adolescence.